Strimming and Hedgetrimmer Training

I just finished a two day course which covered brush cutting and hedge cutting. The course itself was really quite fun despite some of the worst weather we have had this year. Joe and I spent the two days learning how to take apart, look after and clean the machines. We learnt about some of the legislation and of course we got to have a go at strimming and cutting things, all in the name of training.

I don’t think either of us will be asked to cut the hedges at Kew Gardens anytime soon, but I feel like we learnt  a lot. Things like how to change the strimmer head, how to know when you have to much/ too little oil in the machine and how to file the blade when you nick it on something hard- really practical things.

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Now anyone can use these machines, so you may ask what is the point of doing a course in how to use them? For a lot of jobs for insurance and safety purposes you need to have a formal qualification for things like using a chainsaw and brush cutting. These machines can be really dangerous if used in the wrong way. Having a ticket doesn’t stop that happening, you still need to be careful, but what it does show is that you have at least learned to a safe standard.

Now that I have done the training I will be able to use it to go out onto the nature reserves and help with the site management; things like keeping paths and walkways open and keeping on top of some of the vegetation.


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