Bats, Caves and the CMA

A couple of weeks ago, rather unexpectedly I found myself crawling around in a cave searching for bats. Tim and I visited Paignton Zoo for a regional meeting of the Countryside Management Association (CMA). This essentially is a professional association for countryside professionals. It’s main focuses are training, sharing best practice and knowledge among rangers. We were expecting just to… Continue reading Bats, Caves and the CMA

The Wonders of Spraint, Surveying and Slow Worms

Over the last month I been on quite a lot of training, which has been really varied. One day I was learning about how to lead public walks, the next how to put up a post and rail fence, the next I was looking at how to look for signs of protected species. Of these courses the… Continue reading The Wonders of Spraint, Surveying and Slow Worms